Friday, 26 April 2013

A Delicious chocolatey hot chocolate :) x (real chocaholics only)

I love chocolate!
Chocolate is one of my absolute favourite things! Next to all things weird and cat like, I would like to let you into one of my most entirely guilty pleasures ! . I am simply fed up of how unchocolatey normal hot chocolate is.. its so milky and pale and Its like a hot substance with a hint of chocolate flavouring? what is this? 
why so pale? that is not the colour of chocolate!
Chocolate instantly gives one endorphins, and if this one does not make you high (no drugs used apart from cocoa by the way :P ) then i do not know what else will!. It is such an easy recipe and depending on what is in your house at the time you can change over ingredients whenever you need. 
this is what a hot chocolate should look like!
4 rows of Cadbury's Bournville (or bitter sweet chocolate or even full on dark) 
4 teaspoons of sugar depending on taste
1 teaspoon of cocoa powder (if you don't have this add another square of chocolate) In fact I use way more cocoa than this i make it extra thick! 
a splosh of cream if you like
enough hot milk or hot water to get it into 'drinking consistancy

to top? if you have whipped cream please use it !! then either sprinkle cocoa on the top or great chocolate

1. heat the milk and or water (with the cream if used) into a saucepan (wait until steam comes up and then test to see how hot you like it. 

2. turn off the heat! we do not want burnt chocolate. then add the cocoa and melt in the chocolate stirring untill purrrffect! . it may seem very dark to you but that is how it is supposed to look ! basically it should look like slightly thinner melted chocolate.

3. if you like you can then add some syrups ie golden syrup, vanilla extract, or .. more chocolate! 

4. pour it into your favourite mug and squirt on the whipped cream and dust the decoration. 

5. sip and enjoy. 
for a tamer version add milk chocolate instead of dark.

IF YOU REALLY NEED A WAKEUP CALL.. I do this all the time 
I have 6 teaspoons of cocoa powder. with 6 teaspoons of sugar NO MILK! I just add hot water that really wakes you up ! try it ! 

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