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Beauty and the Beast

OMG !!! how long has it actually been? , I terribly need to get back into the swing of things xx <3 x x i will blog my next fairytale story which obviously by the title is beauty and the beast lol!

I cannot absolutely wait for the 2017 version ahhh!!!

WE LOVE THE DISNEY FILM!! its amazing i cried when the beast almost died, and luckily for us to be not disappointed the original tale THIS TIME (i cannot promise you always but i can now) is not too different to the one we know and love ! (gorgeous picture i will post the ones from my previous tales because these are so pretty)

The first recorded version of this story was titled La Belle et la Bête in 1740, by  Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. Of course it is a french tale 

 Zémire et Azor is a popular operatic version of the story . 

Theories say that the beast is based on Petra's Gonsalvus who was isolated on the island of Tenerife and was called to Henri II Petrus suffered hypertrichosis, causing an abnormal growth of hair on his face and other parts. In Paris was welcomed under the protection of the king and married a beautiful Parisian woman named Catherine (beauty) , however his children were hairy and his family were a matter of medical enquiry for years, 

The Beast was a prince who lost his father at a young age, and was taken care of by an evil fairy who tried to seduce him (pedo) and he said no like anyone would and was transformed into a beast..But b thats Villeneuves version beaumont omits. Belle is also revealed to be a child of fairies.. thats nice 

Unlike the film version where Maurice the inventor is relatively poor.... Maurice (or a nameless man) was a merchant with lots of dosh and 3 very beautiful daughters. Belle is 20  and is the only nice sister, the others are nasty little hoebags!. poor maurice (i will still call him that) looses his money and they have to live in projects (lol meaning a farmhouse but if that happened today it would probably a council flat or something) 
Daddy belle man (maurice) goes off again to try and claim wealth and offers his daughters gifts for him to bring home. The two older sisters want lovely expensive dresses and jewlery while Belle is happy with the promise of a rose (oooh sound familiar?). 
He gets lost in a forest (of course) and seeks shelter in an amazing palace. He goes in and there is food, drink and hospitality seemingly left by an invisible owner. Maurice accepts it and has a nice stay. 

The next morning he spots a rose garden and decides to nick one for belle. He is caught by an angry beast whom he begs to be set free from (under the condition the merchant returns after giving the rose)

Maurice tries his best to make sure belle doesnt find out the secret of the deal he made. But belle being the clever girl she is manages to prize it from him. And she willingly goes with him to the castle. Is told she is the mistress of the castle and has loads of lovely stuff royal treatment the whole SHIBANG!.  each night, the Beast asks Belle to marry him, she says no. After each refusal, Belle dreams of a handsome prince who pleads with her to answer why she keeps refusing him, she says  cannot marry the Beast because she loves him only as a friend. Belle does not make the connection between the handsome prince and the Beast and becomes convinced that the Beast is holding the prince captive somewhere in the castle. She searches and discovers multiple enchanted rooms (the west wing perhaps?), couldnt find this so called prince or lumiere for that matter !!

She does get homesick and the beast lets her go if she comes back within a week. Belle agrees to this and sets off for home with an enchanted mirror and ring. The mirror allows her to see what was going on back at the Beast's castle, and the ring allows her to return to the castle in an instant when turned three times around her finger. Her sisters are suprised and jealous of her in her amazing shiz and keep begging Belle to stay with them longer. 

Belle gets guilty about the beast's promise and uses the mirror to see him. He is dying of a broken heart :( 

She uses the ring to get back to him and then cries over him telling him she loves him. As the tears strike him HE IS TRANSFORMED INTO LE PRINCE! and everything is happy


Doesn't the prince remind you of JOSEPH AND THE TECHNICOLOUR DREAM COAT?


anyways :) lots of love and i love this film and story :) happy days!

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